At age 65 there is still much to learn and much to be reminded of that you learned before.

Sugar vs vinegar. As a recovered Type II Diabetic I avoid sugar. I like sugar but I also enjoy sour, so vinegar is a nice addition to some foods. But in conversation with loved ones, sugar seems to be a necessity. Vinegar in conversation can sour relationships.

I’ve been rightly reprimanded for the high vinegar content of my posts. So, at age 65, I am still maturing.

2 thoughts on “Inroads

  1. I had something going on last fall in spite of a flu shot. It wasn’t the virus for which I was immunized. Don’t know what it was.
    As to William of Ockham, we’ve discussed him before. The research I’ve looked at shows the razor cannot be directly attributable to him but was developed over time. He and Thomas Aquinas had some disagreements. There’s some room for argument that neither of them had a handle on fact.

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    • In glad you’re feeling better (an assumption, I know). 😁

      The rest? Irrelevant. The principle of parsimony is still useful. I used it to draw that conclusion.


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