I have probably had time to blog a lot more than I have (nary a one!) during this pandemic. COVID-19 has created quite the stir in humanity, excepting my blogging finger.

In my defense, both my wife and I have probably experienced COVID-19. My wife had a slightly worse case than I, exhibiting some of the unique symptoms like the loss of her sense of smell (anosmia), “covid toes”, lethargy, cough, pneumonia, headache, and conjunctivitis. No fever. Neither one of us had a fever. I had pneumonia, some slight headaches, lethargy, a bit of a cough, and that’s it. With each of us, the pneumonia was successfully staved off by a regimen of Prednisone.

But we were never tested. Here in Weld County Colorado, testing has been predominantly, if not exclusively, provided for medical workers, law enforcement, etc. but not for the general public. I believe only those hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms were tested, outside of those listed above, and even then there were too few tests for everyone hospitalized. Because my wife and I were never hospitalized, we were never tested.

We’ll have to wait for antibody testing to know for sure, in spite of being very positive (pun intended) we had it! Besides, our county was one of the top counties for cases in Colorado. My city had the most in the county. My doctor told me the city was a “hot bed” for COVID-19, so I would not be surprised if an antibody test came back positive.

In the meantime, I’ve successfully offended, or in some small way injured the sensibilities of, many family members by some posts on Facebook. They. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

Objectivity is more reliable than subjectivity. Facts over belief. While I’ve been accused of being an empiricist, empiricism has only been a focus to highlight the unreliability of myth/belief/subjectivity. I am an empiricist when it is appropriate AND when it’s possible. Sometimes it’s neither.

And I do have an imagination, but the logical razor of the friar William of Ockham serves me well.

And with my wonderful imagination, I can picture divers ways to torment my believing family, if I were actually prone to be a tormentor. But I’ll stick to the drier posting of facts from time to time, instead. Maybe, just maybe I will succeed in breaking the familial chain of belief and forge new links of skepticism, logic, and evidence. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

I imagine it would be!

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