Four Years Ago (Part 3)

In my last post I included the letter sent to me from our local Area Seventy. For those unaware of Mormon Hierarchy, an Area Seventy reports to the body of the Church’s General Authorities i.e. the General Authority Seventies overseen by the seven Presidents of the Seventy who report to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the First Presidency of the Church. This Area Seventy would be the topmost “lay” clergyman. The General Authority clergymen serve for life with the General Authority Seventies converting to an emeritus status around the age of seventy.

All that to show this man, at the top level of lay clergy, had no answers for me, only feelings, aka “testimony”. Re-read his letter. Can you find anything of substance that would help a person in a crisis of faith due to facts recently learned? Any answers to any questions at all? Feel free to comment your response.

My next post (Part 4) will be my response to his letter, which I sent November 7, 2015.

7 thoughts on “Four Years Ago (Part 3)

  1. I looked at it, and it was full of “I testify” and “I believe”, which pretty much amounts to “Mormonism is true because I said so.” Nothing helpful there. But the real answers are too uncomfortable for him to say, so he’s stuck with telling you the answers he wants to be true.

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    • When he was in my living room, I asked if he knew about the seer stone Joseph used for scrying/treasure hunting. The same one used to “translate” the Book of Mormon rather than the interpreters (Urim and Thummim, supposedly) “preserved” for translation. He nodded to the affirmative. It was only two or three months later it was pictured in the Church’s magazine.


  2. I just read your next post Bruce. Looks like you got a WP glitch with comments disabled. That was a really good summation of some core problems of which I had found many of in my journey. Faith rarely produces an apples to apples integrity. It’s a blinding problem. Reminds me of that James Rachel quote I have used a few times. But hey,the key to understanding the mysteries is unbelief. I would have never thought so as a believer, but it’s true.

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      • It’s happening a lot lately. Now I always preview the article to see if comments are open at the bottom. If not I have to repaste it in a brand new post and check it again. If found also that if I paste from my clipboard I have to paste without formatting or it does this automatically with no comments enabled.
        Thanks for the compliment Bruce. Igualmente

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