Uncommon sense

Faith. According to Hebrews 11:1, faith gives certainty regarding things hoped for and in things we cannot see. The first, hope, intimates a future result or occurence. There are times certainty can apply to the future and we base this on experience. Things unseen can apply to future events, too, and this certainty is not based on experience but what has been taught (scripture, ecclesiastical leadership, personal inspiration).

But is certainty the right concept, especially with regard to the future?

Are you certain?

I opine you’re forgetting all the times faith failed, all the times prayers were not answered, all the times certainty disappointed. Selective memory, fueled by confirmation bias, is probably the source of this forgetfulness. Spend some time recognizing this phenomenon. It’s got to be a weekly occurrence, if not a bit more common. Be honest with yourself.

At length, you’ll come to realize faith is faithless.

Or, you’ll explain it away as the will of god (kind of a god of the gaps scenario).

This is where common sense should take over and hold sway.

Unfortunately, common sense is no longer so common.

7 thoughts on “Uncommon sense

  1. Maybe the common sense today is only practical in comparison to the needs of the day? Everything is served up on a plate by specialist and expert opinions. Particularly religion. There’s little to motivate excellence when food comes from a store and everything else from a factory. People get by today with no caloric output at all.

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      • I just think about how many things I learned that apply to other things. I can farm so I can connect that to a host of other things. I can build a house which helps me do a plethora of other tasks, even clerical. Connecting the dots mentally works the same way. The more you know the more you can apply to a variety. To me the meaning of common sense would be; to apply things you already know to be able to accomplish things you never have. That is lacking considerably today. I met people as a medic that I couldn’t believe had made it to the age they were. Too many safety nets, or something. I dunno.

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