6 thoughts on “A Crossroad

  1. All these BIG words, terms and concepts confuse me. Maybe you shouldn’t confuse us with the facts.. Is that what you’re saying? I had to do some research and came across this … “As such, the backfire effect is a subtype of the confirmation bias, which is a cognitive bias that can cause people to reject information which contradicts their beliefs, or to interpret information in a way that confirms those beliefs.” Huh!! . Maybe you just need a hug?

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  2. Instead of posting on Facebook and upsetting family, I’ll keep my religious musings here. I know, I’ve said that before! More than once! The problem is I see/read something they post that something triggers my ire. Or I see something that seems to be a way to turn on the mental light for my family but they just can’t see it.

    It’s true that cult members do not realize they’re in a cult. The idea is so deep they just can’t fathom it! To protect their fragile sensibilities from cognitive dissonance, I’ll keep my thoughts here. I’ll leave them to their comfortable and comforting myths.

    But I’ll post a link to here on FB, for the brave. 😁


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