2 thoughts on “Joe Rogan and Richard Dawkins

  1. I actually just watched the whole thing. I wasn’t sure I was going to when I saw it was over an hour. But it was very educational and enjoyable.

    Here’s the thing about Richard Dawkins. When believers go after atheists, his name usually pops up. “You are a follower of Dawkins, aren’t you?” or something of that nature. People assume that atheists are atheists because they were influenced by prominent figures in the world of atheist speakers. The funny thing is, people like Dawkins, Hitchens or even Sam Harris had nothing to do with me leaving religion behind. I lost my faith based solely on Christianity’s failures and lack of evidence. I appreciate people like the ones I mentioned, but they just confirm what I already felt. They didn’t get me to where I am today.

    I think this interview along with many like it are good for believers to see, but like the blog I write myself that tries to expose some of the obvious flaws with religion, few believers will take it seriously. Many will see or hear a word or two that speak against their cherished beliefs and walk away. But it’s still important to get the truth out there. That’s why Dawkins does what he does and it’s why I do what I do and what others like us do, Bruce.

    Your story, my story and the collective stories of former believers should be heard by current believers if for no other reason than to make them think about their beliefs for a moment. Science and the history of religion should be shared as well. Science, to show the processes behind life and religious studies to show the history and motives of the world’s huge list of religions.

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    • Agreed!

      I also left without the help of any atheist luminary. I did it on my own, as a result of intense and deep study, mostly into the history of the “cult” I was born into (Mormonism).

      Going atheist was a natural result of applying similar logic to religion in general that I applied to Mormonism specifically.

      My view includes a better understanding of humanity’s need for tribalism and the perils thereof, religion being one.

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