Facebook again

Here is a recent Facebook post of mine. So far, only my sister in-law has responded. In a comment she challenges me. Read this first comment if hers and the subsequent thread, down to my promise to craft an answer.

This will be that answer. It meanders (as is my wont).

Damaging ideologies

I would like to have everyone read “Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind” and let reader draw their own conclusions but that would be me dodging an opportunity. Go ahead and read it, though! It’s a wonderful book, provoking a lot of thought, at least in my case.

But allow me to meet my obligation and offer an answer. What is a damaging ideology? My own opinion is any ideology that creates a group of followers that consider themselves different or, worse yet, special. This creates an “us vs them” scenario. Many bad things, up to and including murder, are committed in the name of that ideology. Many times the ideology itself does not promote these bad things. Sometimes the ideology even proscribes against these bad things!

So, in three words, in my opinion, damaging ideology reduces to “us versus them”.

Cult specialists understand damaging ideologies quite well. What about major religions? In my own opinion, they are just generally accepted cults, but cults nonetheless.

My beef is with the Mormon church specifically, having been born into and raised under it’s ideological umbrella. My thoughts can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Several more of my blog posts could contain thoughts regarding ideologies, damaging and obsolete.

My preference with regard to ideologies is to choose reality, as best as I can determine it to be, realizing I have many leftover biases from years of Mormon (and other) indoctrination.

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