12 thoughts on “My current read…

  1. Okay, I’ve finished the book. Leah Remini is one of those kinds of people who are as they seem. What you see is what you get. She swears unapologetically but it lets you “hear”, in her own voice, in her manner of speech, what she’s writing!

    The insights into Scientology did not surprise or shock me but only because I have been watching Leah and Mike’s (Rinder) “Aftermath” three year series on Scientology on AMC. It would be, however, illuminating to anyone unfamiliar with the cult.

    The damage this cult does to individuals AND families is shocking! How Leah came to terms with disillusionment indicate her strength of character, because she continued to question. That she was able to leave WITH HER FAMILY is amazing.

    I highly recommend this book.


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