It Should Be Easy, Right?

Proof. Evidence. If it’s important – that thing in which your trust is placed – you’ve got proof or evidence, right? I don’t place my trust in things willy nilly, either! I need proof or evidence that is worthy of my trust if I’m going to give it.

To buy a house, would I forgo an inspection? Would I just buy any house or would I look for what meets my needs? Would I buy one anywhere or would I research the right location? Do I care about the school district? Good shopping? Medical?

And so on.

It takes thought, research, and more thought.

We’re each born into a belief system (or lack thereof), the one to which our parents subscribe (or none). When we’re old enough, why do we persist in that belief system? (Certainly there are some who do not persist and, for various reasons, do change belief systems or eschew then all.) Do we fear disappointing our parents? Maybe it doesn’t occur to us that we can make other choices? Maybe we really believe?

If we really believe, why do we believe?



The proof…

The evidence?

To be a.c.t.u.a.l proof or evidence, it cannot be strictly internal. In other words, it must be replicable by anyone, with the same (consistent) results. Do you ever wonder why there are so many religions? It’s because results are not consistently replicable by anyone and the “proof/evidence” is internal, i.e. “feelings”. Why would any god operate that way? Wouldn’t consistent results be better evidence of a god, for that god?

Why is it necessary to have faith, if results are inconsistent? Is it a test? Faith doesn’t work. To quote Peter Boghossian, faith is “pretending to know what you don’t know.”

Prove me and Peter are wrong on that concept.

And why must we be tested? Why can’t we demand this god prove him/her/itself to us? If I were to respect some god, there would have to be valid reasons! That god would have to be undeniable, and physically so! No imaginary friend for me.

We hominids have large brains. Why do we use them to persist mythology from eras long gone by, when we were still learning about the world around us? We’ve put men on the moon! We’re learning about the cosmos now, while still peeking into the remaining unknown nooks and crannies of mother Earth! There is no room for these old myths in the 21st century! They serve no real or valuable purpose.

Evidence. Proof. It should be easy!

If you have it, I’m ready. Lay it on me!

31 thoughts on “It Should Be Easy, Right?

  1. With all the scientific and technological advances of the 20th and now the 21st centuries and we’re still expressing these sheepherder genes! Comforting myths do not remain comfortable long, once thought about.


  2. Evidence that is “replicable by anyone, with the same (consistent) results” doesn’t exist for your own birth. Most things we accept as true are not accompanied by irrefutable evidence.


    • I would accept that as a straw man argument. As for accepting most things without irrefutable evidence as true, that just might be our fatal flaw.

      But that’s just me.


      • How do you define a straw man argument?
        Accepting things without irrefutable evidence isn’t a flaw. It’s an essential aspect of acquiring knowledge. Demanding empirical evidence for every belief brings learning to a grinding halt.


        • I believe I use the usual definition! 😉 Okay, without the snark: “Substituting a person’s actual position or argument with a distorted, exaggerated, or misrepresented version of the position of the argument.” The events of my arrival in life have nothing to do with the proposition in my post.

          Oh, and I fell into your trap by reusing your terminology “irrefutable”. I did not use that word in my post. So, go back and re-read my post. That’s my answer.


          • “The events of my arrival in life have nothing to do with the proposition in my post.”
            I would humbly suggest that were in not for your arrival in life, there would be no post.

            From you post: “If I were to respect some god, there would have to be valid reasons! That god would have to be undeniable, and physically so!”

            What physical evidence for God would be acceptable to you?

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            • I just looked you up. Some kind of comedic celebrity, eh?

              Anyway, humility doesn’t compensate for an irrational argument. To that (your humble argument) I reply, “Duh!!!” It still has nothing to do with my posted proposition. Straw man.

              What physical evidence?

              Any, verifiable. It’s gotta tie directly to this god. Nothing based on feelings. For example, if I touch something I leave behind fingerprints. They tie directly back to me, unmistakably and uniquely.


              • I read the documentation of your excommunication from the LDS church. I applaud your thorough research. I sympathize with your position. It must be enormously frustrating to have people you care about refusing to face the facts about their religious beliefs.
                I would never suggest that feelings are trustworthy indicators of truth. Certainly feelings about God are not compelling evidence for His existence any more than sentimental memories are evidence of my days in high school.
                But if the universe has a creator, you’ll need to think about what kind of fingerprints that creator would leave behind. What unmistakable evidence ties uniquely to the being that conjured reality?
                If there is no creator, you should still ponder where you came from and why you were born at all. I don’t think you really believe there is no purpose in the universe. If you did, you wouldn’t bother trying to teach your family the truth.

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