June 17, 2019

On my way home from work in Centennial, CO, on I-225 just next to the on-ramp from Colfax and one mile before the I-70 split, in stop-and-go traffic (stopped at the time), a car slammed into me, pushing my car into the car ahead. Because of the safety features of my car, virtually no damage happened to the front end of my car and there was no visible damage to the rear of the car ahead.

However, the car that hit me suffered the most damage, folding up the hood and crushing the radiator and washer fluid bottle.

Front end of my car:

Closer look at slight spread of front bumper:

That’s it for the front of my car.

Now, the rear of my car:

You’ll notice the lower ends of my bumper impinge on the tires. The courtesy/safety patrol guys took the bumper off to make my car drivable and to prevent the bumper from dropping off and becoming a traffic hazard in the future.

The car that hit me:

You can tell his car submarined. He must have realized too late he would hit me and hit the brakes, hard.

It makes me grateful today’s vehicles have the safety features they do. No one was hurt.

Safety features or not, I am not protected from *ahem* “an inaccurate” statement from the driver who caused the accident. I now must deal with that and his insurance company.

3 thoughts on “Crash

  1. Whew! Sure glad you and others involved are ok. Now it’s the lengthy time consuming mess after the incident that becomes the hassle. Best wishes for quick, easy interaction with insurance and all!

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  2. I’ve had the car back for a month. Abra fixed it beautifully! The adjuster for the other guy’s insurance saw the accident photos and realized his insured was inaccurate in his report. They covered my repairs and rental car 100%.

    Best of all, again, is that no one was hurt!


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