My Road to Excommunication (document trail)

So, how does one become eligible for excommunication from one’s church (in my case, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aka “Mormon”)? I don’t know how you might but I do know how I did. My first step, a 14-month reading project of Church published histories, journals, and scriptures. This exercise taught me all I had not known before but was hidden in plain sight in publications referenced frequently by authorities but seldom opened by lay members.

With a crushed “testimony”, I approached church leadership with questions. Eventually, a meeting in my home was set up by my Bishop (leader of a Mormon congregation) for his line leader to pay my wife and me a visit. On this particular visit, the line leader (Stake President) brought his line leader (Area Seventy). This was in July 2015.

Several months later, in October, I received the following 2-page letter from the Area Seventy.



I responded with the following letter, after giving it some thought.











And then I sent a letter to my family, which I will not include here (personal information). One Uncle, an educator, sent me the following in response.



His younger brother, a businessman, former Stake President, former Mission President, responded in this fashion.


The family rumor mill began. I started getting questions about my status with the Church, my testimony, etc. To allay the rumors, I made a Facebook post (better reach to the bulk of family members) on January 31, 2016 (see this site ). My Bishop called me in after a while and asked me to delete the post. I politely declined, citing my reason (family communication to allay rumors). My Bishop was okay with this.

For a short while. Until his line leader, the Stake President, gave him more firm direction. I still declined. The Stake President then called me in for an interview. He asked me to delete the post. I politely declined. He suggested Church discipline might become an option.

Then this arrived.


The audio recording of this council is linked to on the same Mormon Think page I linked to above.

The results?


And that’s how I did it!

9 thoughts on “My Road to Excommunication (document trail)

  1. Wow. That’s a lot to take in. The letter from your uncle was especially disturbing. Learning is from the adversary? Being learned is not a compliment?
    Is ignorance better than being learned? Studying and learning is the pathway to the truth. Being told what to think and say is an easy way to be deceived and controlled. It seems like others know that and try to keep the knowledge from those who seek to know things outside of the church teachings.
    I am happy you made it out. Keep learning, searching and exploring the world around you. I am doing the same. I was recently told on one of my posts that my words made someone sad and that maybe God brought them to my blog to bring me back to Jesus. But, all they had to offer were prayers and personal feelings. I already tried that and we know how that turned out for me.
    Thanks for sharing your story. It was certainly eye-opening. Take care

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  2. Frankly Bruce, they will never address the problems as you suggest. That would mean closing the doors. Meanwhile the GA’s know they are in deceit on this. They have read what you have read and as I have read. I just love that tree of life prequel, don’t you? Hehe. There are some good storytellers in the world. Smith was pretty convincing. The truth is finally getting told.

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    • I know Dallin Oaks (currently a member of the First Presidency) personally. I thought of him as a good man. I see him now as deluded or knowingly in on the scam. My perception is that as an authority rises to a certain level innocently, there comes a point of knowledge that the theology is false but the perks of the position too great and they’re “all in”. Stuck in the lie.

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