After writing 11 short chapters of my 64 year life, leading up to my current apostate behavior, I have cause to reflect.

And so I shall.

2 thoughts on “Reflection

    • Ah, yes. Styx.

      Anyway, complicated, as usual!

      The project I was working on at work is moving to China (I worked with a global software company) and so I became unnecessary. I knew of a company in Salt Lake County in Utah that uses the database for which I am a certified Administrator and so I contacted them. I am working a two month contract that is a sort of a try-before-they-hire arrangement. My severance package is modest (very) so I hope to either be hired full time or try to stave off medical/dental visits until I turn 65 (November) and am on Medicare.

      That’s the life side.

      Blog-wise, emotionally, I am recovering from my recent interactions with family. I am not quite so angry. It is simmering in the background, though. Ready. 😋

      The blog will resume soon.

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