The Angry Still Apostate

While “repenting” my decision to delete my FB account (too much of my history is there, too much of my journey out of Mormonism and then religion in general), this did not assuage my anger. Family should understand their hypocrisy. WWJD? Certainly not what they’ve chosen to do.

Another very good reason to never trust Jesus. Another good reason not to believe he existed, at least not as believers believe him to be today.

Mormons. Judgemental. Holier than thou. Passive aggressive. Behaving just as poorly as I am now.

But I’m angry, for the moment. It will pass. The lesson has been learned. Respect for my family’s feelings will come as they begin to respect mine.

27 thoughts on “The Angry Still Apostate

  1. My friend Gary is an apostate ex-bishop that started to question the church while he was still bishop. Sitting on the stand on Sunday looking out over all the dirty little secrets he started to realize things were bad, and not at all what it appeared to be. Sunday-best covered the worst humanity had to offer in the religious sense. Utah is the fraud capital of the world, leads all other states in antidepressant use and plastic surgery. It appears that gods primo creation just isn’t quite good enough for Mormon vanity.

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  2. Vanity is especially seen with the Mormons because of their obsession with a physical resurrection at the peak of pulchritude and physicality. One convert i knew was doing physical exercise to build muscle so he would look his best when he met his father, whom he had not know in life, in heaven. It seems the Mormons believe that whatever they get are gifts from god even though they broke the law getting them. GROG

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