The Angry Apostate

Today I will delete my Facebook account. I ranted to family last night. It was, quite understandably, poorly received. Research the Backfire effect for the reason why.

I knowingly ranted. Why? Censure. I’ve been effectively censured by family. For three years. I’m emotionally full to busting!

And now I have gone from just an Apostate (or “that” Apostate) to a damn, rabidly ANGRY Apostate.

So, right now my account data is being collected into a file I will download. Once that file is downloaded, my account will be deleted.

I need time to emotionally heal.

21 thoughts on “The Angry Apostate

    • Backstory: I was excommunicated twice. Once in 1989 and again in 2016. After the first time, I tried alcohol. I plain don’t like it. No moral implications. I just don’t like it.

      So, this may involve a few thoughts on your part.

      1) this guy is dense. It took two times for him to see the light!

      2) see #1


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      • My family has not embraced my atheism, though they haven’t shunned me like the religious community has. I renounced Christianity in 2000, and in 2010 I told my family I was an atheist. They just think I’m going through a “phase”.

        I’m not active on FB now, and haven’t been for 2 years, though I still have an account.

        I never approved family members except for my daughter, who is also an atheist. Nor have I allowed evangelicals in. I haven’t shun them, I just know that it’s not advantageous and would have resulted in dissension.

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          • That’s great, Bruce. As unbelievers, finding community (and like-minded friends) is important to most of us, and when one lives in a religious community & state as I do, building and nurturing online connections is necessary.

            Losing my social network (IRL) was a bitter pill to swallow, but the wonderful friends I’ve made online through the years helped me get over my loss and grief. I’ve met some of them IRL, and we also stay in touch via phone, Skype, email and snail mail.

            What’s that song Christians like to sing? Oh yeah . . . “They will know we are Christians by our love, by our love, yes they’ll know we are Christians by our love.”


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  1. I’m not totally sure what happened. I saw your post and a few of the responses from Alden and your friend, Brett Johnson. Rachel told me that she had commented and relayed a little of what she had said, but when I tried to go back to read it everything was gone. I’m sorry that you are hurting so much from whatever was said, especially from family. I hope you know that I love you!!! I hope you were able to feel that love when you stayed with us in November. I wish I could help you heal, even a little bit, but I don’t know how.

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    • I am starting a two month contract job and needed to drive to Utah, where the client is. I will be providing UniVerse Database Administration services. The idea is to “try before they buy” to evaluate the viability of performing such duties remotely rather than on site.

      Anyway, I will make more comments later. The eight hour drive has me tired.


  2. After much thought, I have decided to keep the FB account. It took too long to build what it contains. It has a lot of my journey out of Faith.

    Also after much thought, I am resolved to keep FB time to a minimum and to keep it from influencing my life. I will post what I think, regardless of familial backlash.

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