Throwback Post Regarding Cults

Yup, that word again! However, if it applies…

So Finland recognizes religion as Bronze age mythology. It’s about time a whole country did!!!

But your religion has been around a long, long time and just can’t be a cult? Really?

I suggest you think again.

Go Finland!

Edit: Just came across this

11 thoughts on “Throwback Post Regarding Cults

  1. That’s funny. I posted a bogus source one time and it really bothered me. I’m pretty careful nowadays, but since I write, edit, publish all on my own, it’s easy to slip. My posts typically sit in the hopper a few days so I can avoid it. Especially easy to get duped if we like the idea.

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  2. I’ve had similar thoughts about the difference between a cult and a religion. I think of it like this: Tell someone, “Have these beliefs or you’ll suffer consequences in this life,” and you are part of a cult. Tell someone, “Have these beliefs or you’ll suffer in hell for all eternity,” and you are part of a religion.

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    • “I categorize religion as a generally accepted cult.” That’s a good way of putting it. I saw another quote that said “A religion is a cult that has achieved tax-exempt status.”

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  3. It’s all about the money. It’s about numbers. Once there are enough believers for the cult to be self sustaining they can hang on for a longtime, and even proper as the Mormons have. Moving to the Great Salt Lake Desert helped a lot too.
    There is some interesting info available about cult formation and the required elements. Joe Smith Jr is a classic case. GROG

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