New Year Post Mortem

My last post showed my level of frustration after just shy of three years since my “fatal” (LDS Church membership-wise) Facebook post January 31, 2016, wherein I declared Joseph Smith, Jr. was a fraud. He was a fraud! It’s more clear to me now than ever before! It’s still not a concept my family is willing to entertain, though.

My studies in recent advancements in cognitive and neurological science have broadened my understanding of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance. Along with the backfire effect, I should have known better than to post as I did on Facebook! I should know by now that I cannot convince my family to think for themselves. They have drunk too deeply the Kool-aid of Mormonism.

I should have known, and I did know! But my hubris overcame common sense and I posted. Stupidly.

My bad!

So I had to apologise and suck up my pride. I will now act as if I was wrong, which I was, in a way. Too much hubris!

Never again.

My religious posts will remain here, on my blog.

With you, dear reader! Thank you for spending time with me and my rants and thoughts. This whole process serves to help me grow and mature, as a person and a writer.

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “New Year Post Mortem

  1. I still remember finding your post shortly after sending a similar letter to my close family. The two paths were similar and the conclusions were nearly identical. Good luck to you on your continued journey. There are a lot of us that have followed and cheered you on, probably too quietly but we are here.

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    • Thank you!

      I’m fine, most of the time! I succumb to “triggers” every so often. My triggers aren’t like others, I’m guessing! What triggers me are the stupid things the Church does/says and the postings of delusional family members (“delusional” because they’re so indoctrinated by the Church and can’t see it!). It’s like I have to fire my own volley after theirs. Kind of immature, eh?


  2. Understanding the neurology and the psychology of confirmation bias and human gullibility, the quirks and foibles of the human brain is key to overcoming the faith trap.
    When I had my aha moment my family joined me in calling the bs. I was lucky in that regard. We had a bonfire in the back yard and burned all of our LDS crap. All of it. Scriptures, seminary manuals, garments, all of it. It was quite therapeutic actually, and I never looked back. No worries mate. You got this. You always have…

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