The excommunication of Sam Young

This brought back memories. The steely gaze of my Stake President, signifying to me his decision had already been made and the purpose for a Disciplinary Council was moot. In a prior one-on-one interview with him, he declared the next level in authority above him (Area Seventy, specifically a member of the Church’s 6th Quorum of Seventy) encouraged my excommunication. I imagine the Area Seventy had received counsel, as well, from his peers and maybe some from those in even higher authority.

So this decision was, seemingly, not entirely “local”. Nor was it the result of counsel (the High Council and Stake Presidency). It was predetermined.

It wasn’t just my Stake President’s steely gaze, either. It was his cold, business-like vocal tone. No love. No concern. Just, essentially, “good riddance”! And how can I know he was happy to be rid of me?

This man, who spiritually assassinated me, who took away all eternal blessing and promises, saw me with my wife and my sister-in-law at Costco before Christmas the same year I was excommunicated and he called to me, mistaking my identity and using the name of some other church member. And when he realized his error, well, after I corrected him and extended my hand to shake his in a friendly greeting, he guided his wife away from the aisle we were in and speedily left the area. No apologies for the mistaken identification. No further greeting. He just exited, stage left, as fast as he felt he could go without drawing too much attention to himself! His wife looked back a couple times in confusion. I suspect he explained to her later.

So, Sam Young (and my dear reader). This is not Christ’s church. Godly men do not walk its “hallowed” halls. Godly men do not sit at the helm.

It’s a corporation, with billions in real estate and business holdings. The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve can live for quite some time on those investments, with or without any further donations from church members. Society and its issues do not dictate the church’s direction. Membership does not have its privileges.

While you (Sam) and I have left (been forcibly kicked out, rather), the church will go on.

And so will its abuses. For now. Maybe, just maybe, “god” will drop a clue into Russ’ head and the policy will change. But not any time soon.

To quote an infamous malignant narcissist in today’s political scene who tweets in the wee hours of the morning nearly every day, “Sad.”

Man cannot change the church. Only “god” can. (Well, in my opinion, it’s all a myth and man-made, so the pretense of revelation will come down from the top in due time, as I said above. Probably when all the “heat” from the furor you inspired, Sam, dies down.)

I leave it to you, reader, to decide for yourself:

Link to a short (13 minutes) recording taken by “Alma” at Sam Young’s Disciplinary Council. This is the portion of the meeting where the Stake President reads the charges.

Link to the recording I made of my own Disciplinary Council. Link to my story on Link to the Facebook post that led to my interviews with the Bishop, Stake President, Area Seventy, and eventual excommunication.


Note 1: As of right now, there are Sam Young Aftermath - quitmormon resignation requests submitted and waitingresignation requests that have been sent into church headquarters from alone to be processed. That would be, roughly, a full Stake. Yesterday there were nearly one thousand submitted and in legal review after Sam’s letter was read.

Kick out one honorable man and, in a single day, hundreds follow willingly! Well done, leadership. Well done!

Note 2: To learn more about what Sam Young stands for, please visit his site and click on the “Read The Stories” link. You’ll come to know why Sam was and remains so outspoken. This is his personal blog, as well.

Note 3: Comment! Please! Do not just “hit and run”.

5 thoughts on “The excommunication of Sam Young

  1. Well said! Thank you for the links also. I wasn’t excommunicated from the church. I was excommunicated from God, an and I was innocent of the charges, in context. So I know about the transformation from loving Bishop, to that ‘steely cold gaze’ of the wolf when the real underbelly of the church exposes itself to you. All wolf. It’s so shocking after believing all of the up front spoon feedings of families can be together forever* (*terms and conditions apply) and the spirit, the plan of happiness etc etc. It leaves you reeling mentally for decades, as you slowly start to realize the word ‘love’ really wasn’t a part of the Mormon church. The members who loved each other, were used as the bait. But the Mormon church itself, had no love in the entire system, once you finally rip away all that sheep’s clothing and see the ghastly truth. I know that trip takes different periods of time, but I do think it isn’t something that happens quickly. I cried when they excommunicated Sam. I didn’t want Sam to feel those feelings you talk about, the inevitable switch that turns to the OFF position in the minds of Mormons when you aren’t in ‘full fellowship’ anymore, or a ‘less active’ like I became when I was taken into that room and given a cruel spiritual beating, you said it well. It’s more than a beating, it’s a ‘spiritual assassination,’ and it’s done with zero love. It took me longer than it should have to be able to label that as ‘evil’ in my brain. Because you can’t prove a negative. You can never prove the church ISN’T true, so no matter how hard I tried, there was always a reserved corner in the back of my mind, a dusty old room with the door shut tight, that housed that monster, What If? One day, I opened that door, went in, stomped around with the moths, and screamed THIS ISN’T LOVE, SO IF THERE IS A GOD, WHO SAYS HE IS LOVE, YOU ARE A LIE!! I figured if this was God’s idea of love, I didn’t want to worship him anyway. So the room lost its power to constantly whisper to me that I was worthless, God didn’t love me, and all the confusion swirling, like your whirlwind, that results. Yeah, the excommunication of Sam Young, a man I came to know and love since I first met him at the march in March, was emotionally a mixture of feelings. Watching that step by step descent into evil, so publicly displayed, with so much lack of love, yet trying pathetically to declare itself love by putting those impotent imposters, words about love, into the letter, was still angering and jolting. Seems like it shouldn’t have been. Maybe it was because I knew Sam, I had walked with him almost daily for the past month. I know what love is now, and he was so full of love it spilled out at the seams. I could count on one hand how many people I had known in my life, that displayed that kind of love. As Christlike as you can get without being translated. 😉 So maybe it was watching 12 men +1, with no integrity, or no courage, or no control of their own personhood, or something else terrible, reject such a man to ‘outer darkness.’ Maybe it will always be emotionally jolting to see the machine in action, but never before did I watch it happening so step by step, without any human thought, to a man so Christlike. Somewhere, the Mormon church steals your humanity. That place where YOU decide with your open faculties and heart and thought, right and wrong. It’s jolting to see men who have been turned into clones in action. I suppose it’s always gut wrenching to watch evil in action. I enjoyed reading your post. I can’t help myself, I always write a book, I tend to go on and on, so forgive the run on sentences and the Brain dumping. But I’m still processing it all, so this is my process. Thanks for your very insightful thoughts.

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      • Thank you! Yes. He is. I count myself very very lucky to have spent some time with him. If we could all be so authentic! But the clones don’t like authentic. They didn’t recognize pure love and integrity, because it isn’t in them. Otherwise they would see who Sam is.

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    • The above blog is poetic. And “The Excommunication of Sam Young” reminds me of the poem: “The Cremation of Sam McGee.”
      To me God and Love are synonymous: Cults use social pressure in the form of shunning “apostates,” et Al, in order to keep control.
      I relate totally to all you talk about above. When I left the FLDS cult, I soon found all their talk about “Love” was totally conditional. Conditional love is NOT love!

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      • Thank you so much. Exactly Stephany! I don’t know why it takes us so much to see love clearly, but I agree, if it isn’t love, it’s not of God. Jesus even got angry sometimes, but he always invited people to come to him, he didn’t cut off anyone trying to serve and love.

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