So, a while back, I decided to post blogs here instead of “spouting vile garbage” against the LDS Church on Facebook. I do post links on FB to my blog here in the slim chance one of my dear family members ever deign to give it a glance. Some claim to read what I write. Admittedly, it’s a very, very slim “some”!

Those who read leave little evidence they’ve been here. Few (if any) comments. Few opinions.

Hit and run, basically.

Those who do comment are those who have experienced similar things, made similar discoveries, as I have. Not family members. Friends in the unfaith. Except for my Uncle George. He would like to see me back, securely in the “fold” so his comments align with current LDS apologia.

It would actually shock the hell out of me if one of my family members (except Uncle George) read something I post here and then thought about it enough to have questions and/or comments!

However, instead of having family pour through my past postings, although they are encouraged and welcome to do so, I have a poser:

Explain how Nephi beheading Laban differs from this sad story. I refer to the core of the matter. The reason action was taken.