5 thoughts on “Six Ways Undue Influence Erodes Family Love

  1. Sweeping generalizations again. Bruce, give me some specific examples of where you’ve experienced any of this in our family. I’m sure there are some. But the “cure” could come more in explaining where we can avoid negatives rather than general descriptions which in my mind at least, aren’t always 100% accurate.


    • What? Your “sweeping dismissals” are aggravating! Allow me to take on the role of educator for a moment.

      A blog, which this is, is a discussion or an informational website. Entries are discrete, often informal diary-style text. They are usually brief by design.

      So, these “posts” are not masters or doctorate dissertations! The article I linked to is also a blog!

      Please stop with these aggravating dismissals and find something about the article that provokes thought or might lead to conversation. THIS is my purpose in blogging. To engage in conversation. Not to be dismissed!


    • Followup: I post things that interest me. Hence “my blog”. As much as I solicit comments, the type you seem to like to offer I can do without.

      Take no offence, none is intended. Let’s, instead, engage. Pick something…anything…from one of my posts and let’s discuss. No more “sweeping” dismissals.


  2. Where were your specific examples as to family rejection I requested. Are there any?
    Let’s put the “sweeping generalizations” vs. “sweeping dismissals” on the back burner for now. They seem to be working both directions.

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    • I can start with my favorite.

      “I still love you.”

      “Still?” The unspoken rings loud and clear and cuts to the core. I’ll let you figure out what’s unspoken.


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