TKR Update

About a month and a half ago, two posts ago, I said the following:

"Having been a member of the LDS Church,
it would normally be an expectation that
such a procedure be prefaced with a
Priesthood Blessing for the success of my
procedure. Of course, having been
excommunicated, it’s not really expected.
I doubt anyone at church or even in my
family will be asking if I want a blessing."

"And I don’t."

"It’s all a myth (religion). I trust in
medical science. I also know that things
can and do go awry but I fully expect to
wake up in recovery and to begin the hard
and painful work to complete making the
replacement successful. In the case I do
not awaken in recovery as planned, I have
lived a good life! I have a great
posterity but do wish they would look
deeper into the mythological roots of
religious belief. I really do! If my time
is up, there is no more time, at least
for me. But there are no regrets. I will
leave behind a great legacy (family) that
I have loved (still do!) deeply."

"Now, not to be maudlin, I fully expect

"And to be writing more blog posts.
Aren’t you lucky?!?!?"

Here’s my update.

Without the assistance of magical or supernatural means (Priesthood blessing), my recovery has been much better than my first TKR ten years ago (I had a Priesthood blessing that time). Part of that is due to advanced knowledge and techniques, I am sure, over those ten years. Bottom line, no magic was needed. I trusted medical science. I trusted my surgeon.

Now, a separate update. Something completely different. Some may note a sardonic tone. They may be right.


It’s become more of a nuisance than an advantage. Yes, it’s great for keeping up with family, especially kids and grandkids (photos). I thought it might help family dialogue about my transition out of the LDS Church. Yes, I thought it might help answer their questions while, at the same time, give me an outlet to express the thoughts and emotions I was experiencing.

Few were interested. None really wanted to discuss, as far as I can tell, without trying to reel me in, “back to the fold”.

There is only one difference, in my opinion, and observation, between my conclusions derived from my knowledge of Church issues and the conclusions of family and friends who also have knowledge of the same issues. I deem my conclusions rationally derived. I deem theirs heavily influenced by faith. I try to follow the evidence, wherever it leads. I think they follow their faith and discard contrary evidence.

My own judgment, to be sure. It might seem harsh but it is what it is.

And no family members seem interested enough to talk with me, at least for any length of time. They get too offended, I suppose, or too aggravated. I call it cognitive dissonance. I am not sure what they call it.

So, I am “vacationing” from Facebook. My return is TBD.

I am sure family will be grateful.

7 thoughts on “TKR Update

  1. Sorry that you think no one cares. Just be aware that I am very busy with the life I lead (children, grandchildren, Dad, home responsibilities, church, temple, etc.) and I love my life. I am on social media briefly if at all. I forget about blogs generally so they go without being looked at very often. I do love you so I try to check in every now and then. I don’t always know what to say to some of the things you post so I don’t say anything even though you tell me I should. I do want to thank you for challenging my complacency with the Gospel. I have definitely realized that I have been a “back seat” Mormon, riding along on the coattails of others and thinking that I was doing and learning “all that I should”. I am doing more studying and contemplating than ever before.
    Love, Karen

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    • Thank you! Did that cost much? 😉

      It seems Uncle George has been the only one willing to communicate, until you decided to respond. Yes, I know everyone is busy but I ask again, did that cost much? Am I worth so little effort? It was over two years ago that I lost what Church members would consider everything. Does anyone care how I might feel? What I might feel? Why I feel so?

      I know I seem somewhat jaded and sardonic. If you were in my place…

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  2. No, it didn’t cost much. This time… Sometimes I wonder if you realize that I have spent more time communicating with you since your change of belief than I did before. I realize that you have lost a lot but my life have such a dramatic change so I have a hard time realizing that you need more of my attention than before. Also I have a hard time knowing what to say. Almost everything Uncle George says to you is refuted by you. I can’t handle that kind of conversation. I don’t have Uncle George’s knowledge, insight, or discussion abilities. I’m used to a lighthearted, seemingly nothing matters type of relationship with you. Things have changed and I haven’t figured out how to adjust yet. I will keep trying if you will be patient with me and help me know the new rules of of our relationship.

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  3. That is true! I am now 62 whereas a few days ago I was 61! I will do my best to give you more of my time. Probably through text and a phone call here or there.

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