Mythical Proportions

What makes Homo Sapiens sapiens different? How many animals create things envisioned in imagination? I suppose until we can look into the minds of animals, we will not know for sure. Maybe reliance on evidence will have to suffice for now.

Animals do transform materials to build communities and homes but nothing to compare with man’s cities. At least from the perspective of this representative of HSS! And how many animals have left this planet or have sent mechanical devices to investigate other bodies nearby and further into space? Only us.

Imagination has driven much of this. We have observed other animals demonstrate the ability to see the consequences of various actions and choose a course that resolves a problem but none, so far, have demonstrated the gigantic imagination of Homo Sapiens sapiens.

We have created governments, currency, races, corporations, software, and millions of other imaginary constructs! Some of these are very long-lived. Maybe some stem from before agriculture domesticated mankind.

Like religion.

Why have we hung on to this myth so firmly and for so long, and in the face of scientific advances? Spiritual experiences are finding their roots in the human brain. In brain chemistry. In brain development. In brain injury. In the memories of teachings. In bias. In many other things.

But in spite of new learning, we cling to myth.

We cannot prove god exists. We also certainly can’t prove there is no god. We marvel at the immensity of the universe and its (sometimes savage) beauty and declare god made it. But who assigned god the deed? Mankind. No god has irrefutably and universally revealed itself, ever, and claimed to be the author of creation. But we assign the inexplicable to a god. We do this. Us. We have created the myth.

I continue wondering how long, in the face of scientific advancement and the atrocities committed in the name of some god against mankind, it will be until we discard the myth? How long before we discard the imaginary differences between us and we find what we share in common?

I wish we could discard all the stories of mythical godly proportions.
Anyway, just my first of the year musings.

Happy New Year and imagine, with me, a year with fewer myths and more humanity.

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