Run in against faith

For the second time in Facebook, I was involved in a secret FB group with over 70 members of LDS faithful, ex-Mormons, and those between. I created the first one over a year ago and gave it up after determining it would never gain traction, go where I wished, or resolve anything. The second was one founded by a friend of similar mind, wishing to accomplish similar goals.

The second group was terminated even faster than mine was. I think he’s smarter!

What was it that caused the demise of both groups? Those of a faithful mind cling to faith. Some do so in the face of staggering evidence. What I thought weird was that there was one who grabbed at straws, it seemed to me, and offered arguments that made no sense, supported by facts that were made up, and wouldn’t see what was blatantly obvious to several of us. In the cases of both my group and the second group, only a few participated out of a much larger group membership. I know there were some lurkers but certainly many invited into the groups probably were not interested enough or too busy to participate.

My friend and I thought we had something to share that would become obvious to our believing friends but the reverse is what happened. Faith budged not. Reason failed to overcome.

In my opinion, this victory of the faithful is hollow.