Nuanced Mormonism

Today there are a number of Mormons with a nuanced view of beliefs. In years past they were sometimes referred to as “Cafeteria Mormons” who selected what appealed to them and set aside what did not. With internet access, information formerly available only in books, sometimes hard to find, is only a few clicks and keystrokes away. The trick is figuring out what is factual and what is not. Research, more than just looking up stuff, is required.

As an additional and side note, today’s Millenials are seemingly less religious than their ancestors. (See this article, this article, and this article)

Are we tiring of authoritarianism and strict obedience?

This Mormon Discussion Podcast has quite a few references and is an interesting read, regarding this topic.

Let me know what you think, how you would answer my question above. I look forward to your comments and your questions!

2 thoughts on “Nuanced Mormonism

  1. I am wondering how “nuanced Mormons” reconcile their nuanced view in light of leadership’s plea? encouragement? demand? for strict obedience?


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