Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)

It has been a journey! Begun in 2013 as a means of solidifying my knowledge of LDS Church history, my forced departure (excommunication) has inspired the name of this blog, Mental Whirlwind.

But I am more than that. Several months before my Mom passed away, my parents and I had a very vocal and emotional discussion regarding my newfound unbelief. My excommunication had not yet occurred because I was yet to make that fateful Facebook post that set that process in motion. But we were able to conquer the emotions and arrive at a point of respect for one another’s position and, of course, reaffirm our mutual love. After the discussion, my Dad noted that I am a man of deep emotion.

Indeed I am!

As much as I value intellectual study, I am a man of deep emotion. It is seldom overtly displayed but it is felt. It can cloud my intellectual pursuits but I am learning to study with more clarity. Critical thinking will become my course of study for the rest of my life. It will take that long to gain results!

So, for those who have been offended by my religious posts on Facebook you, too, must be of deep feeling. I apologize for offending your sensibilities but do not apologize for attempting to inspire critical thought! You, too, can overcome the deep emotions that can make us irrational. We have developed our intelligence over eons, but the last centuries have been astounding when it comes to innovation, scientific discoveries, and technological advances.

Religion is a remnant of times long past. My condition has been checked and found to be headed in the direction for which I hope. That being discarding the superstitious and magical for the wonders of scientific and technological discoveries.

And finally (for now, anyway)…

One thought on “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)

  1. Yes, thank you very much ;-). I think this format is much better because I can drop in when I have some time and don’t end up missing a post. I do like to hear how you are feeling and what’s happening in your life. I also feel deeply but don’t know how to express that appropriately all the time. I am sorry for the times I have hurt you because of insensitivity to your feelings. FYI, I have a hard time with the “bombardment” of all the quotes that are used to put across your point, as in this blog post. I think part of my problem, and maybe others as well, is that I feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you give and I don’t have the time to check into it all along with doing the studying that I want to do. I’m not as fast as you with reading and studying. I love you and I’m still here for you.

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