Blacks and the LDS Priesthood – analysis of the Essay on LDS dot org

This is too well written and researched to bypass. If honest research on Race and the Priesthood in the LDS Church is something you wish to bury your head in the sand about then, by all means, do not read this! On the other hand, if you are honest and researching the Essays on lds dot org (slash topics slash essays) this analysis is well worth your time.

I leave it up to you.

There is additional information in the comments by several knowledgeable people.

Post found here.

One thought on “Blacks and the LDS Priesthood – analysis of the Essay on LDS dot org

  1. From the National Geographic magazine, April 2018 issue, article “These Twins, One Black and One White, Will Make You Rethink Race”:

    “In genetic terms, skin color ‘is not a binary trait’ with only two possibilities, Martin notes. ‘It’s a quantitative trait, and everyone has some gradient on this spectrum.’

    Historically, when humans have drawn lines of identity—separating Us from Them—they’ve often relied on skin color as a proxy for race. But the 21st-century understanding of human genetics tells us that the whole idea of race is a human invention.

    Modern science confirms ‘that the visible differences between peoples are accidents of history’—the result of mutations, migrations, natural selection, the isolation of some populations, and interbreeding among others, writes science journalist Elizabeth Kolbert. They are not racial differences because the very concept of race—to quote DNA-sequencing pioneer Craig Venter—’has no genetic or scientific basis.'”

    Like many other human myths, the myth of race really needs to be abolished.


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